Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm a O53-C46-E15-A57-N22 Big Five!!

Openness to Experience/Intellect:
You typically don't seek out new experiences.(Your percentile: 53)

I had to put a little thought into this result and its applicability to me and my lifestyle, as my initial reaction to the result was mixed. I think that I can both agree and disagree with this result.
I agree with the result as I am not a hugely active person, not a go-getter, if you will. You won't find me searching for the next big thrill or new activity in town. I simply don't seek them out on my own.
However, I would like to argue the point and state that I am largely open to new experiences. Hell, I welcome new experiences! Let me explain.
While I may not necessarily seek out new experiences on my own, I've found over the years that I tend to surround myself with the type of people that do, so I tend to fall into them. Hijinks, shenanigans, peer pressure, call them what you will, but all have lead me to new experiences in culture, art, language, and adventure.      

You are neither organized or disorganized. (Your percentile: 46)

Spot. On. I really am smack-dab in the middle when it comes to general organization as I am very selective about it. For example, if you were to open my filing cabinet at work, you would see a jumbled mess of paperwork, fasteners, and sample parts.
However, my desk top and work space is the spitting image of an ideal employee.  The space is clean, organized for optimum performance while maintaining a level of comfort with an accent of personal items (desk chotchkies. Every desk has to have them!).
What it comes down to is that you're not going to be searching through my filing cabinets. I know exactly what is in that pile and can locate it quickly. On my desk top though, organization and cleanliness is top notch as it leads to a positive perception of professionalism in the eyes of others. After all, if you have to push an arm full of crap aside to see the surface of my desk, you have then.

You probably enjoy spending quiet time alone. (Your percentile: 15)

This is also fairly spot on for me and helps describe my work personality well.
Quite simply, I enjoy my alone time! Over the years I have found that I am most productive when left alone. I can put on my headphones at work and dive into The Zone where concentration and productivity is through the roof. Without the headphones I find that there is far to much background noise and the movement of my peers around me becomes horribly distracting.
Don't get me wrong though, I also love working and interacting with my coworkers, I'm no cubicle recluse!

You are neither extremely forgiving nor irritable. (Your percentile: 57)

Again, this test is fairly accurate, huh? My middle of the road agreeableness really ties into my neuroticism result seen below. I'm simply too relaxed and patient to be easily irritated, but dont think that I will easily forget, either. Now I'm not one to hold a grudge or count cards, but if someone burns me, I'm not going to forget. 

You are generally relaxed.(Your percentile: 22)

Generally relaxed is the story of my life. I avoid drama like the plague, don't see any purpose in the act of worrying, possess incredible patience, and approach all tasks with a mellow demeanor. I prefer the term 'Keeping it real'.

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  1. So far, most of us are pretty unsure about this "openness" result (or lack thereof). I decided what they meant by "open to new experience" was really "risk taker." So, I'm not closed minded, but I don't run to jump off tall buildings either.

  2. I love the picture. I try to keep it as real as possible and also run like hell from drama. Just don't have the time for it.

  3. you seem to be very anoilitical a good thing in my opinion. i completely concur with your words on extroversion, i find being alone gets me to do quite well though i like to have someone help me go over things (like my books in particular.) because another person can usually see what i fail too.

  4. reading your research on an architect makes me want to go back into it. great info on all your jobs of interest!