Thursday, January 20, 2011


Time for reflection and careful thought...
To be honest, this wasnt so much a learning experience as it was an opportunity to share a little about my job and my line of work. Most people really have no idea what goes on behind the big bay doors of the Boeing factory.
I think I was in a bit of a different position than anyone else for this portion of the class as I am already pursuing my career in my field of interest and am well on my way. To say I didnt learn anything would be a lie, as I learned quite a lot about the average salaries of people in my line of work as well as which specific fields of engineering pay more and have more growth, but I would already consider myself well directed and on the right path.
Will I change any aspect of my career in the near future? Absolutely. To think about being a "Boeing lifer" does not sit well with me, and to be honest sounds quite stale. You know, like those Saltines that have been in your cupboard for over a year. I will continue to educate myself and grow as a professional and, hopefully, some day find myself in my ideal job.  

For the time being though, I will continue to work at Boeing and expand my abilities as a designer as well as consume absurd amounts of coffee and get angry at my Dell laptop.

Photo courtesy of Penman96's photobucket.

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  1. I love the pic. I've felt like doing that so so so many times

  2. haha..the last sentence was ...oh very funny cale!
    I hope your future plan goes well:) I know you can do it man!